What If Karl Rove Called Something “F%&*$@#! Retarded”?

Bookmark and Share    Liberals are annoyed again at Sarah Palin. Once again, she is sticking up for handicapped people. She just can’t “act like a lady” and let them be maligned, can she?

Along with Sarah, several advocacy groups are jumping on a remark made by President Obama’s Chief of Staff, Rham Emanuel. The remark was said in a meeting of White House and DNC Strategist regarding the suggestion that Demoicrats run ads against Blue Dog, conservative Democrats who did not jump aboard the government healthcare takeover scheme. 

To it, Rhambo, as he is often called for his aggressive and sometimes ruthless political decisions, said the idea was F&*$!@% retarded

The truth is, the idea is f’ing retarded. But the negative context the word retarded was use in has many advocates of the mentally handicapped up in arms. Personally I think they are being too sensitive. But I will say this, I do hope they hold Rham Emanuel accountable because what if George had called an idea F&%$*@! retarded. The left would have been calling for his impeachment or at least his lynching. 

The remark was said in private and it was not meant to denigrate mentally handicapped people. It was also not meant to go public. So even though it may have been privately insensitive, I do not think the episode warrants congressional hearings. But I do think the application of the liberal double standard has to stop. For that reason, Rham Emanuel and the Administration should be pressed just as hard for that which they would deem as politically incorrect and insensitive remarks, as they would had it been Karl Rove who said such a thing. 

In the meantime, the really sad part of this is the fact that so many fronts are bothered by the President’s Chief of Staff using the word “retarded” but we have heard nothing about his use of the word #@$%.  

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What If George Bush Told Nancy Pelosi To Act Like A Lady?

Bookmark and Share    You would think that feminists allover the nation would be up in arms if a male senator told a female member of the House of Representives to “act like a lady”.   You would think so.

I mean afterall, the phrase smacks of sexism.  It kind of conotes a sort of  “know your place” attitude.  But did you know that if the woman who a man syas that to is conservative, it’s acceptable?

Well it is.

Why else would there not be an endless array of feminazis attacking Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter for repeatedly telling Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to “act like a lady”?

In a recent radio talk show debate, Arlen Specter found himself upset by the fact that Congresswoman Bachmann would interrupot the Senator after mischaracterizing Michele Bachmann’s statements.

In addition to Specter’s demands upon Bachmann being patronizing, they were sexist and inexcusable.  Yet the left, which is now supporting Specter, does not even bother to mention the recent politically incorrect and personally uncalled for remarks that Specter spoke.  That is typical of liberals and such hypocritical actions are to be expected from them.

As for Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, she stated;

“what was really stunning, again, about that whole interchange is it’s emblematic of what the message the voters sent on Tuesday evening. The voters repudiated the arrogance that’s come out of the Democrat Party.”

“And what I heard yesterday on the radio with Senator Specter was more of that arrogance. They haven’t sobered up yet as to the reality that the people are in charge, not this very liberal majority.”

Representative Bachmann is right.  And more than that, she is a lady……a great lady who represents all that Specter doesn’t.  She stands up for principles, unlike Arlen Specter who jumps back and forth between principles and politics. 

The episode proves two things.  One; Arlen Specter is out of touch and inappropriate.  Two; liberals are hypocrites.

Ask yourself this and you will see how their hypocrisy is once again demonstrated.  What if George Bush said that?  What if Dick Cheney told Hillary Clinton to “act like a lady” ?   Would the left not castrate them and pickle their balls? 

 If Massachusetts’ newly elected Republican Senator-elect Scott Brown said something like that to California flaming liberal  Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer, all hell would break loose.   But alas; Michele Bachmann is a conservative woman, so it is just fine for a liberal to be a politically incorrect sexist to her.


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What If George Bush Spoke of “Light Skinned” Candidates “With No Negro Dialect”?

Bookmark and Share    Whit if George Bush described Barack Obama as a candidate who was “light skinned” and “with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”?

Oh I think we all know what would happen………………All hell would break out!

Al Sharpton would be holding a 5 borough march throughout New York City, with the President hanging in effigy at the head of it. Oh, and special guest speakers at the end of the march….that would likely include Senator Schmuck Schumer, Governor David Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg, and a slew of congressional representatives like Louise Slaughter, Carol Maloney, Charlie Rangel, Anthony Weiner and too many more to allow to speak on stage in one night.

They would be joined by Marches in Chicago led by Jesse Jackson, in several in California led by people like Maxine Waters, and Loretta Sanchez, as well as Barbara “Call Me Senator” Boxer and a host of her liberal underlings in the House.

They would all be calling upon him to resign from office. Some might even be trying to have him impeached.

All across the country, most of the population would be denouncing the President for his insensitive, prejudicial remarks. Most Republicans would also be chastising the President for his remarks and almost all would be distancing themselves from him and his remarks.

Back in 2002, incoming Republican Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott

Attended a birthday party for long serving Senator Strom Thurmond. In a toast-like offering at the party he stated “I want to say this about my state: When Strom Thurmond ran for president, we voted for him. We’re proud of it. And if the rest of the country had followed our lead, we wouldn’t have had all these problems over all these years, either,”


Strom Thurmond, was a segregationist when he ran in 1948.

Lott’s choice of words were certainly inappropriate. They were also not intended to be a reference to segregation or racism. In an immediate apology, Lott tried to explain that he was not referring to the segregationist policy that Thurmond held over fifty years ago and dropped long ago, but rather his body of work over his lifetime.

The apology was not enough.

Jesse Jackson called for Lott to resign. Former and always bitter Vice President Al Gore declared Lott’s remarks to be “racist.” And in an interview on CNN Gore stated that Lott should apologize for his comments or face censure by the Senate. The Vice President could not let it go and days later publicly stated…… “It is not a small thing … for one of the half dozen most prominent political leaders in America to say that our problems are caused by integration and that we should have had a segregationist candidate. That is divisive and it is divisive along racial lines. That’s the definition of a racist comment,”

Now I don’t know about you, but I did view any direct reference by Trent Lott to race, dialect, color, segregation or anything divisive. Inferences were made by many like Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, Nancy Pelosi and even Barack Obama before he was a Senator but unlike Harry Reid’s insensitive remarks, there was no mention of color or prejudices.

They all put word in Trentt Lott’s mouth and they defined what he said to mean something he did not mean.

And joining in the chorus of partisan pricks from liberal hangmen, was the media, which was all too happy to help Democrats tie the noose around a Republicans neck. They continuously hounded Lott and other Republicans. The Lott comment was headlines for days. And people like Harry Reid only fed the flames of partisan fury that burned like created by leading Lott to his lynching. This went on until Trentt Lott and Republicans understood that the dust up caused by the toast to a man on his one hundredth birthday was turning into a sandstorm that would not die down.

So several Republicans agreed to throw Lott under the bus, and Lott resigned.

Of the resignation, Harry “The Racist” Reid said;

‘He had no alternative,’ ‘Senator Lott dug himself a hole and he didn’t dig it all in one setting. He dug it over the years. And he couldn’t figure out a way to get out of it.’” (”Nevada Lawmakers Not Surprised By Lott Resignation,” The Associated Press, 12/20/02)

He also through this in;

“If you tell ethnic jokes in the backroom, it’s that much easier to say ethnic things publicly. I’ve always practiced how I play.”

Apparently, that is not really the case. Apparently Harry Reid believes that dark skinned black Americans who speak ebonics are less than Presidential.

Personally, I can’t argue with part of the sentiment. I mean I truly could not imagine myself electing Fifty Cent or Snoop Dog President of the United States.

That is not because of their color.  It is because of the attitude they convey, the lack of respect they demonstrate, the vulgarity of their performances and language. This is not limited to African-Americans though. Eminem, the Caucasian rapper from Detroit also known as Mathew Matthers would also be a non starter for me.

But I don’t think Harry Reid was talking about rappers or pop icons. Was he actually stating that politicians like maybe Jesse Jackson, spoke too black and had skin too dark to be elected President?  Was it a reference to someone else like maybe Maxine Waters or the African-American Mayors of Philadelphia, Baltimore or Detroit. Maybe he meant Southern Congressman John Lewis was too dark skinned? I don’t know, but he said it. didn’t. I would not claim that those people can’t get elected because of their dialect or color. Congressman Joe “You Lied” Wilson didn’t say that. Mitt Romney didn’t say that. Nor did Dick Cheney or Sarah Palin say that.

Harry Reid did!

So what’s the difference here? Why did Trentt Lott’s head have to roll for a toast to a hundred year old man who, at the time, was the longest serving senator in history? A toast which made no mention of race but which he still apologized for?

The difference is Democrats are pure hypocrites. The foundation of their political being, liberalism, is a hypocritical based ideology that proves to be full of double standards and incongruent logic.

Need more proof?

Compare the defense that Democrats been offering Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for his remarks about color and speech to the general tone of the following remarks that Democrats made regarding then incoming Republican Senate Majority Leader Trentt Lott for his remarks about the decades of service that a 100 year old Senator gave to his country:

Then-Senator Joe Biden:

“What he said was insensitive as hell; it’s very offensive. Race is serious stuff. It’s not something you kid about.’” (Erin Kelly, “Del. Lawmakers, Civil Rights Leaders Condemn Lott’s Comments,” Gannett News Service, 12/13/02)

Sen.Barbara Boxer:

‘His apology does not take away the sting of his divisive words, nor the pain inflicted on millions of African Americans under segregation,’ she said.” (Edward Epstein, “Bush Calls Lott’s Remark ‘Wrong,’” The San Francisco Chronicle, 12/13/02)

Then Sen. Hillary Rodham:

“the GOP must decide whether Lott ‘represents the views of the majority of Republicans in the Senate and in our country.’” (Ron Kampeas, “Some Republicans Say Lott’s Apology Should End Controversy,” The Associated Press, 12/14/02)

Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski:

“Lott’s comments ‘demonstrate a glaring insensitivity to the pain African-Americans suffered as a result of segregation and discrimination.’” (Julie Hirschfeld Davis, “Lott Repeats Apologies, Rejects Calls To Resign As Senate Leader,” The Baltimore Sun, 12/14/02) 

Sen. Debbie Stabenow:

‘Those kinds of comments have no place in our society and should be repudiated by every American,’ ‘At this point, the Republican caucus in the U.S. Senate needs to think long and hard about the kind of values they want their leadership to represent.’” (Katherine Hutt Scott, “Mich. Delegation Members From Both Parties Criticize Lott Remarks,” Gannett News Service, 12/14/02)

Senator Patty Murray:

“The comments by Lott, R-Miss., were offensive, hurtful and wrong. Worst of all, they do not appear to be isolated remarks. At a time when our country should stand as one, (the comments) serve only to divide. Americans deserve leaders who will stand up for the civil rights of all citizens.’” (Gregg Herrington, “State’s Two Democratic Senators And Gop Chairman Take Lott To Task For Remarks,” The Columbian [Vancouver, WA], 12/14/02)

That’s just a small sampling.

So I ask you…………………….What makes it okay, or not a big deal for the Democrat leader of the United States Senate to make irresponsible, racially insensitive remarks while it is not okay and a very big deal if a Republican leader of the Senate has his words twisted into racially insensitive inferences that were not intended?

Why should Harry Reid not be forced to resign?

This is a moment of truth for Democrats. Now is the time for them to demonstrate whether they are the hypocrites that I have come to know them to be, or if they are a party with at least a scintilla of  integrity and of with any sense of fairness and justice.

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What If George Bush………..stopped the U.S. from investing in wind energy?

Bookmark and Share    Today, New York Senator Schmuck Schumer came out and opposed the use of American stimulus dollars to purchase wind turbines that are to be used in generating wind energy.

Schumer Humor

Sounds bad, right?

Well most everything that Chuck does is pretty bad, but in this case he is right.

Wind energy is good and I believe we should employ as much and wherever is most practical. However; in this instance, the already much abused and wasted stimulus money that is suppose to spend us into prosperity while propelling us into debt, is now being used to buy wind turbines from China…… so much for the Administration’s promise to make sure that American jobs are not shipped oversees.double-standard_title.png picture by kempiteSo I agree with Chucky on this. We should not spend this money on “these” wind turbines.

But what if George Bush did that?

What would be the reaction if George Bush came out, made a scene, and announced that he refuses to buy “these” important components for incorporating environmentally sound wind energy ?

gwbiThey would crucify him !!!!

If George Bush did that, the radical leftists would claim “that this is the most anti-environmental President the nation has”. They would claim he is raping the environment and standing in the way of progress.

If G.W. Bush failed to allow the U.S. to purchase the tools for wind energy, that would be the headline the liberal statists run with. They would claimed he refused to move ahead with renewable enrgyan put it  in commercials and mailings.   They would try to make sure that anyone and everyone was made to believe it.  If President Bush took the same position as Chuck Schumer, the radical leftists in Congress would not be honest and say that the President stopped the purchase of wind turbines because they were from China. They would simply say he stopped the purchase.

This is one WIGBDT, that’s begs the question WTF?

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Bookmark and Share  WIGBDT?  What is that?

Don’t get scared. They are not letters that represent part of the never ending alphabet soup of letters that seems to grow everyday in an attempt to describe alternative lifestyles. You know, like LGB, which was once identified the lesbian, gay & bisexual community. Than it was expanded to LGBT which signified lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. But the politically correct left didn’t just stop there. They eventually added the letter Q to signify “questioning” and/or “queer”, as if any of the existing letters weren’t already being used to signify something queer or questionable.

But wait! Keep your pants on. It gets better.

There were still some who felt left out because their particular sexual preference or identity was not given its own initial. So along came the letter I for “intersexual”. So now the alternative community is identified by the acronym LGBTQI. But that still may not be satisfactory. There are those who demand that the alternative lifestyle acronym have letters representing “asexual”, “polyamorous” and/or “pansexual” and even the letter O for omnisexual.

The trend has me bewildered and to be quite frank, it has me scared. I don’t know what half of those sexual variations or lifestyles are and I am afraid to find out. It makes one really understand how much of the world is still truly unexplored and I am beginning to think it should remain that way. I’ m not the only one stunned by the gender bending, letter adding trend. One group of creative magazine editors and columnists got together and created the acronym FABGLITTER. It stands for “Fetish”, “Allies”, “Bisexual”, “Gay”, “Lesbian”, “Intersexed”, “Transgender”, “Transexual Engendering”, “Revolution”.

That about covers it I guess. Accept for the letter representing one conspicuously absent sexual preference and lifestyle. That being the letter S. As in “Straight”. Leave it to liberals crying about inclusiveness and preaching tolerance and acceptance to leave out straight people.

But where were we? Oh yeah. “WIGBDT”.

That stands for “What If George Bush Did That?”

The purpose behind this site is to focus on something that I have concluded is a staple of liberalism———–Hypocrisy.

Liberals lives in a parallel universe governed by double standards and deceitful disinformation. This is not a new realization for me. In fact, each day that goes by, a liberal somewhere in America, convinces me of this belief more and more. It could be a liberal from Congress or the Administration, or one from the state I call home, New Jersey. But the segment of society that is a most prolific provider of material that proves me right is the media, specifically the mainstream media. Or as I call it, the “lamestream media”.

The lamestream media is a veritable propaganda machine. It is filled with liberal lunatics like Keith Olberman, Rachel Maddow, Katie Couric, Larry King, Wolf Blitzer, Jack Cafferty, Joy Behar, Chris Mathews, and an endless assortment of even more partisan hacks who parade around as enlightened educators, here to set us and the record straight. Between the lamestream media and newspapers and Hollywood, the collective din of their distortions, lies and claims that are devoid of all fact and disconnected from reality, it is enough to make a sane person scream. The problem though, is that, if I screamed every time a liberal lied and every time they applied a double standard that proved their inherent hypocrisy, men in white suits with nets would carry me away.

So rather than have my freedom restricted any more than the liberal regime in Washington, DC. is already seeking to do, I have started “What If George Bush Did That? “

Here we can document the hypocrisy of the left. The ones in Congress, in the Obama Administration, in state legislatures and local governments and of course in the world of entertainment news.

We will compare how the “non-partisan” news media covers President Obama and how they covered President George W. Bush. Together, let’s document the double standards that people like Rosie O’Donnell and those pseudo intellectual coffee klatch queens on “The View” spew. Let WIGBDT know about it whenever the leftist and statists demonstrate their hypocrisy by offering praise for President Obama after he does the same thing that they once criticized and mocked President Bush for doing.

We will delve into things like how the left would have dealt with President Bush if he called Hillary Clinton a “pig”, as President Obama did of Sarah Palin. There is just so much hypocrisy to discuss though.  

Democrats have hypocrisy dripping off of themselves. They are drowning in hypocrisy and the truth is, the more liberal a Democrat is, the more hypocritical they get. There are just so many examples of their hypocrisy. So many, that it may be impossible for me, just one person, to document it all and break it all down.

What If George Bush Did That Facebook GroupThat is why I want you to become an official member of the WIGBDT Club.

Join us and submit your own detailed analysis of an act of hypocrisy that liberals initiate or participate in. You can do it! All you have to do is ask yourself a simple question every time that President Obama does something? Ask yourself, “What if George Bush did that?” Once you’ve done that, write about it and it send to me, Kempite——your Information Czar.

Look at it as a kind of “fishy@whitehouse.gov” operation, but in reverse. Instead of the authorities having you report suspicious opinions to them, you submit the authorities suspicious and hypocritical actions to us at “What If George Bush Did That?” (WIGBDT).

When you have your proof of hypocrisy (POH) evidence documented, send it to me, Kempite, at LiberalsRlosers@aol.com.

Yeah that’s right, LiberalsRlosers@aol.com.

I am no hypocrite and if you haven’t been able to tell yet, I am not afraid to speak the truth and call it like it is……………LOL (Look Out Losers).

And don’t forget to join our official What If George Bush Did That? Facebook Group.  There you will be able to receive updates and discuss the issues of liberal hypocrisy at length

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get’ er done! Send in your POH’s. Hold liberals accountable and make sure that they apply one standard to all Presidents, with dignity and honesty for all.

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